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Time sensitive Daily e-mail alerts, informational reports available online anytime with your unique username and password and ongoing support to make these services work for you.

Standard Pricing Package

  • Price varies from $0.65 - $1.00 based on your volume.
    Please contact your sales representative for pricing.
  • Benchmark Report: SurveyScan provides an annual benchmark report comparing your center to other centers. It lets you know how your center compares “Apples to Apples” with other centers.
  • Contracts are not required ….a simple phone call or e-mail can get you started!
  • Contact us for more pricing information and ask about our current specials.
    We offer free month specials from time to time, call to find out.

Cost Analysis

Is it cheaper to have someone on staff process Satisfaction Surveys? Not according to our cost analysis!

Cost Analysis

  • Cost of a stamp - $0.49
  • Cost of pre-printed form and envelop - $0.10
  • Cost to summarize survey form 5 minutes per form @ $15/hr - $1.25
  • Total Cost per form - $1.84
  • Cost of processing 500 forms in house - $ 920.00